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Research and Development

Research and Development:
innovation, creativity, and cutting-edge technology.

In Kedos we do not simply create tailored solutions, software, websites and applications. We go further, we commit ourselves to a constant exploration of future solutions through our Research and Development branch.

Our passion guides us beyond the limits of the present moment, it spurs us to break new ground in the most revolutionary areas of informatics. Web 3D, blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine learning are the fertile ground of our creativity, where innovative ideas grow to shape the digital future.

The pillars of R&D

3Dera®, il motore di rendering 3D real-time

3Dera® , the real-time 3D rendering engine

Explore the new paradigm of visualization with 3Dera®, from design to user experience: our commitment to 3D research illuminates the involving and innovative visual solutions we offer.

3Dera® is more than a framework: it is a revolution in the integration of Web 3D projects in mobile and web applications. Its simple integration system allows for the creation of a unique and realistic experience, transforming the way people interact with the digital world.

With 3Dera®, customization reaches new heights. Get ready to configure e-commerce products directly in your browser, selecting models, colours, including texts or a logo, and finally observe every detail of the object you created from different perspectives.

3Dera® is the key to create immersive and involving experiences..

KeCert®, l’autenticità di certificati formativi sulla blockchain

KeCert® , the authenticity of training certificates on blockchain

KeCert®, with the power of blockchain, offers a service that redefines the authenticity and management of training certificates.

KeCert® is the digitizing service for certificates, based on blockchain which allows Training bodies to maintain control over each phase in the life of the certificates released; it allows students to show their competences and titles achieved; it also allows recruiters to check independently the veracity of a candidate’s statements.

In a world where trust and reliability are essential, KeCert® shines as the innovative solution for an architecture of training certification that tackles present and future challenges.

Innovazione con Intelligenza Artificiale Generativa

Innovation through Generative Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the propulsive force of the future: at Kedos, we are ready to control that force. From voice recognition to predictive analytics, we explore the vast potential of AI to improve processes and business activities.

Kedos is committed to the development and the implementation of innovative solutions using Generative AI, through the most innovative technologies at hand.

Our team of experts use groundbreaking tools such as LangChain, OpenAI and the powerful GPU by Nvidia. Such technologies can shape AI models that not only process and interpret data, but are also able to generate new and creative content, exploring new frontiers in human-machine interactions.

Join us into the future where Generative AI processes and co-creates content, transforming the way our world faces challenges and embraces opportunities.

Machine Learning

Kedos develops advanced solutions using Machine Learning to improve business strategies and decision making processes.

Our team, composed of data science and information engineering experts, is the core of our research in Machine Learning using a series of algorithms, such as artificial neural networks, clustering algorithms and Support Vector Machine (SVM), to analyse and interpret large data sets. This advanced approach allows us to identify significant models and useful intuitions, towards innovation and growth.

The primary objective of Kedos is to make use of the unlimited potential of data and AI to generate a positive impact on business activities. Through constant research and development, we commit to creating solutions that exceed ordinary expectations, redefining perspectives and broadening the horizons for business innovation.

Join us on our exploration and discovery of the realm of Machine Learning.

Our commitment

In Kedos, research and development are not just business activities, but a philosophy that guides us each step forward We are committed to shaping the digital future, embrace the unknown and define the new standards of computer industry.

Join us on our journey towards cutting-edge technology. Let’s explore together the infinite possibilities that R&D can offer, creating solutions that exceed ordinary expectations and define the digital future.

Welcome to Kedos,
where the future is our present.