Graphometric signature


KeFirma is the solution for
Graphometric Signature

KeFirma is our solution to apply a Graphometric Signature on digital documents.

KeFirma integrates with document processes of different business structures allowing for dematerialization, along with organizational and economic benefits that come with it.

KeFirma: benefits

  • The user can maintain the entire lifecycle of the document in digital format, even for documents that require one or more signatures
  • Processes are simplified by the use of electronic and graphometric signatures since printing is avoided
  • Electronically signed documents are immediately archived within document systems and/or forwarded, making selection and approval processes fast and efficient
  • The processes and flow of signed document distribution are tracked by the system, which allows to check who worked on the file and when, creating reports
  • Increased levels of verification and control over signed digital documents and processes become available
  • Signed digital documents are accessible from and traceable by the IT system, more secure from the point of view of Privacy and the recent GDPR Regulation
  • Out-of-pocket costs forprinting and archiving analogue documents are eliminated

KeFirma: the idea behind the project

KeFirma is a technology that has been engineered and implemented in order to allow the dematerialization of documents produced in the company (active cycle) and those received (passive cycle).
It skips the analogue phases of the document life cycle and enables the dematerialization of processes with the organizational and economic advantages that come with it.

KeFirma was born to allow the collection of signatures on digital documents in mobility, since it can operate in offline mode in cases of lack of connectivity, and to reduce the digital divide because the act of signing on a tablet or dedicated pad is the same old gesture that we have always been accustomed to do in the autograph signatures on paper.