Web Content Management with


KeCMS: the Kedos solution for effectively and autonomously managing website content.

KeCMS is a Content Management System that provides simple and autonomous management of website content. Developed to adapt to all production needs, it enables the creation of various types of content, including multilingual ones.

KeCMS: key features

  • Multilingual Support: Activate and configure multiple languages to manage all content. Each piece of content can be published in all active languages or in a specific language.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization): KeCMS provides a dedicated area for optimizing textual or multimedia content for search engines.
  • File Management: A dedicated section for files (images and attachments) allows for collecting and reusing attachments across different content.
  • Custom Menus: Create various types of menus with different content, viewable as standard menus or mega menus.
  • User and Permission Management: Define various user roles (administrator, editor, blog editor, viewer, etc.) with specific permissions for content types and actions (insertion, modification, deletion).
  • Content Blocks: Each content piece is built in “blocks.” These blocks, draggable and repositionable according to desired ordering, are tied to the various content types managed by KeCMS. They are visually represented on the public site in different modes (slider, box, with 100% width background image, etc., limited to 4 elements, banner, etc.).
  • Labels: Collects all site labels for complete translation.

KeCMS: content types

With KeCMS, you can manage various types of content:

  • Homepage: Prepare different homepages for the site by publishing the desired one online.
  • Blog: Create a blog area with tags, categories, and author details.
  • Pages and Thematic Pages: Build pages with slideshows.
  • Cards: Manage informative cards with various options, including attributes, photo galleries, attachments, geolocation, calendar. Divide them into categories, subcategories, and link to generic or category filters.
  • News: Manage news.
  • Breaking News: Create content for important alerts.
  • Suppliers: Manage information related to businesses/suppliers, categorizing them.

KeCMS: additional features

With appropriate integrations, KeCMS allows you to transform informational cards into products accompanied by price lists and activate typical eCommerce functionalities, including product catalog, add to cart, checkout, and integration with payment systems.