Kedos Srl

Our Solutions

“Solutions” are the tools that
“solve” problems.

Each client is unique and their characteristics (size, market, policy, etc.) define our integration framework
as well as our implementation choices.

Each solution must last, and our task does not coincide with the end of development.
Kedos ensures its clients direction, support, and service continuity.

KeFirma is the solution for
Graphometric Signature

KeFirma is our solution to apply a Graphometric Signature on digital documents.

KeFirma integrates with document processes of different business structures allowing for dematerialization, along with organizational and economic benefits that come with it.

KeAzienda is the solution to manage your company

KeAzienda is a multifunction and multilanguage software to manage your company.

KeAzienda manages visitors’ access to the reception desk and uses the “KeFirma” technology to register visitors’ access, allowing for the dematerialization of the visitors’ register.

KeAzienda supports receptionists in managing stocks as well as in the organization of meeting rooms and reservation of workstations.

KeTicket is the solution to manage support tickets

KeTicket is Kedos’s smart, flexible and customizable solution to manage support tickets.

Just a few clicks on your pc, tablet or smartphone and you can create, assign, work on, and close tickets.

KeReception is the solution to
manage the visitors’ access register in your company

KeReception allows for a secure and automated way to manage visitors’ access in the company, towards the dematerialization of all registration processes and ensuring a structured access to all necessary data.

Easy Assistance the solution to
manage Trouble Ticketing

With our Easy Assistance solution for Trouble Ticketing you will improve after-sales process management.

Easy Assistance contributes to improving service levels, as well as the quality perceived by end consumers.

    KeFuel is the solution to manage fuel station networks

    KeFuel is specifically designed for fuel station networks, aimed at simplifying and automatizing document management, master data and deadlines.

    A single tool to control all your fuel distribution networks and related activities.

    KeCert the solution to guarantee the security and authenticity of training certificates on the blockchain

    3Dera is a framework for 3D and 2D graphics, simulations and dataviz in real time and for web, mobile and desktop applications

    KeCMS la soluzione per la gestione dei contenuti web

    KeCMS, the solution for web content management

    KeCMS is Kedos’ solution for effectively and independently managing the content of a website.

    It is a highly flexible Content Management System, designed to meet all production needs, allowing the creation of different types of content, including multilingual ones.

    KeCMS la soluzione per la gestione dei contenuti web

    KeDoc, the cloud solution for document management

    KeDoc is Kedos’ solution for efficient management of company documents on a centralized cloud system.

    The core of KeDoc is Alfresco, a reliable document storage and sharing system, distributed for both Windows and Linux systems and fully compliant with GDPR.