Trouble Ticketing Management

Easy Assistance

Easy Assistance: What is it?

With our Easy Assistance solution for Trouble Ticketing you will improve after-sales process management Easy Assistance is a scalable and modular solution to support after-sale processes.
It is flexible and customizableto adapt to support processes in any company.

All ticket descriptive parameters can be configured to adapt to every single company, to every type of equipment and to every intervention requirement.

Easy Assistance allows you to:

  • Manage trouble ticketing activities, also on existing systems;
  • Improve ticket documents through attachments;
  • Create assistance reports with the use of the graphometric signature of the client through graphic tablet;
  • Collect the expertise gathered by staff through the management of trouble ticketing and create a Knowledge Sharing system;
  • Manage spare parts and, if necessary, their price;
  • Access al useful data for all company functions to create quality indicators.

Easy Assistance: Benefits

Easy Assistance helps to improve service levels and the quality perceived by the end customer, resulting in greater efficiency at after-sales process level in terms of:

  • control
  • traceability
  • planning
  • reporting

Easy Assistance also provides users and end customers with some useful tools that simplify and make more effective support and trouble ticketing activities: technical and maintenance manuals, user manuals, master data of the equipment under maintenance (serial number, date of purchase, terms and conditions of warranty, validity of maintenance contracts), automatic notifications on the status of tickets, and more.