Document Management in the Cloud with


KeDoc: the Kedos solution for efficient management of company documents on a centralized cloud system.

KeDoc is an advanced cloud-based document management software, based on Alfresco, a reliable document storage and sharing system distributed for both Windows and Linux systems, fully compliant with GDPR regulations.

KeDoc: key features

  • Cloud-Based: With the cloud system, the burden of system infrastructure, maintenance, scalability, redundancy, and security is significantly reduced for IT. Updates occur automatically, ensuring maximum efficiency.
  • Customizable The document management system on which KeDoc is based is open source and allows for the integration of new artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies already available on the market to enrich its functionalities.
  • Centralized: All company documents are acquired and stored in a centralized location with KeDoc, greatly simplifying information retrieval and optimizing employee work.
  • Robust: Cloud utilization supports very cost-effective long-term storage solutions, significantly reducing costs related to rarely accessed but long-term preserved content.
  • Accessible: KeDoc offers a web-based interface that allows access to its features from any device and with any browser, ensuring maximum flexibility and convenience.
  • Organized: With KeDoc, it is possible to store, manage, and track digital files and images from paper documents, allowing for efficient organization of information for clients or projects.

KeDoc: how it works

  • With KeDoc, document management becomes extremely simple with just a few step:
  • Access KeDoc using the browser of any device.
  • Enter your credentials and access the corporate dashboard, where you will find a list of folders related to all your clients.
  • Within each client folder, easily organize the files and information related to them.
  • Each document can be enriched with additional information, facilitating search through keywords.