Kedos Srl

Who we are

A bit of history

The company opened in 2012 with a team that developed a 10-year experience in ICT for the banking sector, and always shared the same approaches, methods and goals.

The numerous competencies spanning from apps to systems have been integrated with a practical approach to develop concrete solutions. Today our company works in the cities of Milan, Turin and Parma.

Our headquarters in Milan

In 2012 Kedos opens its headquarters in Viale Monza in Milan, and our staff begins to grow.

Our branch in Turin

In 2013 a new branch opens in Turin.

Our branch in Parma

In 2015another branch opens in Parma, a new, exciting challenge for Kedos.

A bit of philosophy

Kedos is the ancient Greek word for “care”.
Kedos is our motto, for every project we work on and every proposal that we bring on the market. Care is what drives our work, for our clients’ business.