Manage your company offices


KeAzienda is the solution to manage your company offices

KeAzienda is a multifunction and multilanguage software to manage your company.

This software can be installed on premises on the client’s servers, or can be shared in cloud mode and installed at Kedos’s Data Center.


It can be integratedwith different company systems (Single Sign On, LDAP or Active Directory company services, Outlook, Google Calendar, etc.) and it is easily customizablein terms of functions, configurations and profile. KeAzienda manages clusters or single companies, companies with numerous branches and company buildings with numerous companies within.

It is GDPRcompliant.

This application is completed by an application to manage emergencies that allows to visualize at once the register of visitors currently present inside the building, all on a mobile device.

KeAzienda: Visitors’ register

KeAzienda manages visitors’ access to the reception desk and uses the “KeFirma” graphometric technology to register visitors’ access and exits, allowing for the dematerialization of the visitors’ register on paper, and document digitization.

Through the application, the receptionist records the visitor filling in the necessary data to enter the premises, and collects his/her signature in and out. The forms to be signed by the visitor can be adjusted according to the needs of the client: they can be of different types (e.g. access form and candidate form), and in different languages.

The document signed can be printed and sent via email to the visitor. The receptionist can also print an access badge and hand it over to the visitor.

This solution is customizable to adapt to the needs of each company, it can easily be used on pc, tablet, smartphone.

KeAzienda: Stocks Management


KeAzienda supports receptionist in managing stocks: all registered stocks are recorded and then handed over to the addressee or a trusted person that signs the delivery form.

It is possible to check the list of currently stored stocks, as well as of delivered stock with the delivery forms attached.

KeAzienda: Schedule a meeting and book a room

The Meetings feature is for employee use and allows you to schedule new meetings by specifying a date and time, a title and the internal (employees) and external (visitors) participants who will attend. You can choose your own office as the meeting location or search for available rooms based on their capacity and reserve one.

When the meeting is scheduled, the organizer and participants receive an email notification with the meeting invitation and can save the event to their calendar. You can choose to have receptionists at the meeting location also receive an email with information about the meeting and expected visitors.

The employee, as soon as he/she schedules a meeting, can enter the data of new visitors to facilitate the access procedures to the venue, as well as add to the meetings external participants previously entered in the system.
The receptionist can view the meetings with visitors and/or booked rooms both in a daily view organized by room, and in a calendar view organized by time. In case a meeting has visitors, access can be recorded directly from the meeting saving the input of some data.

You can view your meetings (those you have organized or those to which you have been invited) either as a list or in calendar view. Meetings can be edited and deleted until the end of the meeting.

An administrator profile can consult the booking status of all rooms and see the meetings of all users.
It is possible to save bookings on external calendars (e.g. Google Calendar) to allow clients to consult the booking status of rooms from other applications/devices (e.g. tablets or monitors outside the meeting rooms).

KeAzienda: Book a Workstation

Through KeAzienda the employee can book workstations in shared offices.

Booking takes place in a few simple steps, even from a smartphone or tablet.

You can independently configure the offices, workstations and equipment of your company headquarters.

Additional features

The software allows to:

  • Manage visitors’ and their companies’ master data,
  • Manage employees’ master data
  • Reports on visitors’ access and stocks
  • Self-registration of visitors for unattended reception
  • Compliance with Seveso directive.