Fuel dispenser manager


KeFuel: What is it and how it works

KeFuel is the ideal solution for companies that manage fuel distribution networks.

KeFuel software fully responds to the needs of clients about document management, master data and deadlines management. It just seems like a document filing system, but an effective “organizing manager” of key activities of gas stations.

KeFuel: Benefits

  • Thanks to the document archive organized with a customized structure, documents are always classified and catalogued in the best way
  • It saves time when users search for archived documents
  • No more risksattached to missingdocuments
  • Users can exchange information and files quickly through workflow
  • Users have all the information related to codes, part numbers, models and serial numbers of each machine and component in a quick and convenient way
  • All deadlines related to documents and obligations are included in the calendar and duly monitored
  • A highly configurable automatic deadline warning system alerts users to upcoming deadlines at a chosen time. In this way, all renewals are attentively monitored
  • KeFuel is integrated with digital document storage systems, allowing for savings in the storage of files that are legally required to be retained

KeFuel: the idea behind the project

KeFuel was created to respond to specific organizational and document management needs expressed by companies that manage fuel distribution networks.

KeFuel is unique, because a similar software was not available among IT solutions for networks managers, since it includes components for document management, master data and database management, deadline management and workflow.