The certificate digitization service


KeCert the solution to guarantee the security and authenticity of training certificates on the blockchain

KeCert is a certificate digitization service, based on the blockchain, which gives schools andtraining institutes a advantage competitivewith respect to the market.

KeCert is based on Blockcerts technology, a standard developed by MIT of which Kedos is official contributor .

KeCert what are the benefits?

  • blockchain is a public and shared digital ledger that prevents fraud with advanced encryption algorithms
  • KeCert certificate management is suitable for anyone who provides training, from universities to freelancers
  • the service allows you to check the certificates issued and to verify their possible validity storm
  • the process of verifying a certificate is simplified because does not require intermediaries
  • low fee and long-term preservation of documents
  • the entity remains at all times owner of its information and may maintain the validationof the certificates issued also on your systems

KeCert: the idea behind the project

The students’ training path is no longer provided and guaranteed by a single body , the study topics and certifications are many and cannot be traced back to a single verification method.

With KeCert, training institutes can assign a digital diploma to students who have completed their studies.

With KeCert, recruiters can verify the authenticity of a qualification indicated on the candidate’s CV or social profile, having the certainty that this certification has been actually issued by the University, by the company Academy, by the Institute for a specific person.

With KeCert the student can take advantage of his digital certification without any constraints or restrictions.