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What is ACSIA?

ACSIA is the first and only all-in-one XDR system in the world, entirely produced in Europe for the European community. ACSIA can protect every client through prevention techniques by preventing or slowing down any attacks coming from the outside. It includes tools such as:

  • SIEM
  • SOAR
  • IDS
  • IPS
  • EPP

Interactive options are embedded in the alert notification email and can be activated with a single click. ACSIA works on any platform (Linux with a kernel higher than version 2.6, any Windows distribution, and macOS). ACSIA also protects itself, so no additional security software is required

Kedos IT professionals offer the ACSIA product, overseeing every phase from installation to configuration, to review of reports.

The Objective of ACSIA

  • Identify security threats at the source (before damage occurs)
  • Inform the user about what is happening in a clearly understandable language
  • Provide guidance on how to neutralize or manage the threat independently

ACSIA is a highly configurable product designed to address governance issues. By functioning as software agents on cloud and on-premise services, it offers high levels of security for critical server security in highly dynamic, complex, data-centric, and user-centric environments.

ACSIA: Automated Cyber Defense and Security Monitoring System.

  • Evaluate threats in real-time.
  • Analyze logs with special algorithms to detect hacking signals.
  • Does not interfere with the company’s network systems.
  • Deployed in three simple steps.
  • Send email notifications with the right actions to take.
  • Free systems from botnets.
  • Optimize cybersecurity.
  • Send notifications to enable features to comply with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).
  • It has a simple user interface so non-technical staff can operate it.

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ACSIA allows you to protect against hacking, malware, fraud, cybercrime, intrusions, and data breaches.

Why choose ACSIA technology.

  • Works in real-time
  • Detects both manual and automated attacks
  • Detects account intrusions
  • Allows the user to react and respond to malicious hackers without needing special skills
  • Reduces false positives (accuracy > 90%)
  • Brings together systematically tested tools to address cybersecurity threats.

ACSIA and the Cloud

Many organizations have reconfigured their IT strategy to be “Cloud First“. While this approach has the advantage of outsourcing infrastructure, it does not eliminate the ongoing requirements for oversight from a governance and risk perspective.

Building privacy and security into infrastructure design is now mandatory: GDPR and NIS directive have provided a legislative basis for these principles. While cloud service providers may handle “cloud security,” cloud-hosting organizations must understand that shared responsibility applies to their assets.

ACSIA can be crucial in addressing the need to provide “security in the cloud“.

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Why ACSIA is Different


The guiding principles behind ACSIA are simplicity and automation. Using the latest Artificial Intelligence techniques, ACSIA tracks, profiles, and learns the typical usage patterns on critical corporate servers. These fundamental principles enable the system to detect and intervene in anomalous activities where the anomaly represents a threat.

Simple and Clear User Interface

The system has an intuitive interface designed to support those responsible for maintaining the security and integrity of digital resources.

The product caters to a wide range of skill sets, from data center staff to a CISO/CIO/CTO receiving a mobile alert from the dashboard. Alerting and enabling key personnel to act quickly as needed is a fundamental pillar for ACSIA.

ACSIA Multi-Layer Methodology

ACSIA can be configured to address emerging situations by autonomously taking the most appropriate actions, such as:

  • Blocking threats
  • Redirecting malicious traffic
  • Quarantining a compromised server to prevent the threat from spreading within the infrastructure.

ACSIA is designed not to burden operators with responding to all incoming notifications.

Complementary or Standalone

ACSIA is designed to operate either standalone or as part of a complementary suite of applications intended, for example, to protect dynamic digital resources running large-scale e-commerce infrastructures. Used alongside other products, ACSIA adds value to well-structured comprehensive defense strategies.

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